What types of health insurance do you accept for physiotherapy services?

We are considered a "private-pay" physiotherapy practice and are not contracted with any health insurance companies. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to use your health insurance for coverage of services provided by Mend Montana Physiotherapy PLLC.


We collect payment at the time of service and will provide you with a "superbill" (upon request) via your patient portal that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

For Medicare Recipients: Unfortunately we are currently not able to provide physical therapy/physiotherapy services as an out of network practice given current legislation.

Do I need a physician's referral for physiotherapy treatment?

No, you do not NEED a physician's referral to be evaluated and treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the state of Montana. 


However, it is possible your health insurance policy may require a physician's authorization (and possibly a referral) in order to qualify to be reimbursed for your payments to Mend Montana Physiotherapy PLLC. (see previous health insurance question)

What are packaged (bundled) services?

We have created packages  for all of our services that maximize value. Packages/bundles are purchased in advance or at the time of the first session and may be found in the patient portal.


For physiotherapy services, packages are best discussed after the initial physiotherapy evaluation so the appropriate number of sessions can be recommended.

What is the patient/client portal?

Once you are registered in our system you will have access to your patient portal. This is where you will be able to schedule and pay for appointments, access your individualized exercise and self-treatment plan, access your superbills and even direct message your physiotherapist. There is so much more we cannot wait for you to see!

Where do you provide mobile & remote services?

Mobile services (provided in your home, office, gym, etc.) are offered within approximately a 15-mile radius of central Missoula, Montana. Remote (virtual) physiotherapy is available to Montanans wherever they happen to be as long as they have a decent internet-connection.

What is your new patient/client procedure?

To ensure that Mend Montana Physiotherapy is the right fit for you, we start with a  free virtual-consultation (or phone call) with every prospective client.